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Junior Water Polo

Water Polo, what’s that I hear you cry, don’t the horses drown?

We have heard it all before, but water polo is one of those sports that gets misunderstood, that is until it has been seen and or tried – then opinions change.

We have a rich history here at Parogon, international players, international coaches, 8th best team in the country – all from a little pool in Newcastle.

So when the senior team folded a few years ago, you would have thought, well that is that, but far from it from the ashes has risen the junior set-up. We regularly have 20 children of both sexes, aged 7 up enjoying training, learning a fast, exciting team sport. Matches are being played and the kids are learning about being in a group, working for each other and the importance of teamwork.

More to come as we develop, but do you fancy a go at this? Then give us a shout by using the contact form or via Facebook – come down and give it a go you will be surprised!


Keith Lovewell

It is with great sadness that we bring you the news that our one time long serving Secretary, Keith Lovewell passed away on 28th January aged 82.

Despite very rarely, possibly never, entering the water, Keith was a long time stalwart of the club with many years service to his name. He will be remembered as the secretary who livened up many a committee meeting by either; making the minutes of the last meeting up the night before the next meeting, constantly getting peoples names wrong and giving everyone a great laugh whilst at all times having the club and its members in his heart.

As child protection and litigation came to the fore his favoured line during meetings was’

“Its always the secretary who goes to court, so get it right”

An ever present at the club dinner with his wife Sheila he was always great company. Now he will be best remembered for one event that will bring a smile to many a face, for now we will call it ‘pipe gate’ – not the village!!

The polo team was hosting foreign visitors for a tournament and the club was holding a social function for all involved at the 45 Club on Lancaster Road. Not one to shun the limelight Keith stood up to make a speech welcoming our visitors to Newcastle. The assembled masses then noticed that smoke was billowing from his jacket pocket, he had put his, so he thought, extinguished pipe into his pocket, much to the great amusement of all.

Keith, a true gent, forever part of the clubs history and a person that we are all indebted to for his constant work for our club.

The thoughts of the committee and all at the club are with Sheila and all his family.

Rest in peace Keith.