Anne Wins Again

Most people choose to do something relatively chilled and laid back for their birthday. So, with that in mind I decided – almost 8 months ago – that a 5km open water race would be fun…

By far the hardest swim I’ve done so far and the closest I’ve come to bailing on a swim, ever. A huge in-water start of c. 340 swimmers (mix of 5km and 2.5km together), a lot of punching and kicking and not without what felt like a couple of drowning attempts from behind, I lost the lead group for the 5km and endedup in a no mans land with no one around me so it was a long, solo effort. I started cramping up (feet and right quad) at about 3.5km and was just willing the finish line to arrive for the last mile. I was absolutely shattered by the end. 

It was all worth it and I’m sure I’ll do again at some point. I finished 12th overall (of 153 5km swimmers), 2nd in age group overall, and 1st female in age group.