4 weeks today…..

Tuesday 17th March was the day we had to do what a few short months ago would have seemed unthinkable, yes that was the day we had to close for an unspecified period.

A sad day but one that in our heart of hearts we knew was inevitable and had to be done and in some ways, it is these things that make us stronger and bring us together. We are seeing this in all walks of life and not least within the club.

We are working hard behind the scenes to ensure that we keep up the ‘Parogon Spirit’ and over the last 4 weeks what great things have happened all ready.

But before I go on we need a huge shout out and show of appreciation for all of our members working in the healthcare sector, I will try and name check as many as I can think of and apologies if I miss any:

Chris Bromley, Fiona Paton, Christina Cartwright, Karen Luscombe, Mark Gunning, Harry Belfield, Helen Booth, Claire Banks. Before we finished Charles Pantin was talking about being called back and if he has, excellent work Charles.

Again sorry if I have missed you & we can only imagine what it is like in your place of work right now – keep going and we are all thinking of you and are ready to show you our full appreciation when we get out of this.

So what has been happening?

Dry Land Workout

Three times a week we are hosting a dry land workout using the video conference app Zoom, we are getting between 10 and 15 people attending each session which is fantastic.

The beauty of this is that you can do as much or as little as you like, keep your camera on or turn it off – its up to you. It is keeping us connected, keeping us working and keeping the humour going. Sessions are Saturdays 10am and Tuesdays & Thursdays at 7pm.

Simply keep an eye on the Facebook group, Parogon Covid Support (request to join) or your email for joining details each session. We do strength work, cardio, some yoga style stretching and everyone’s favourite, Sophie’s dance routine to Pump it Up!!!!

Our setup with the timer, camera and mats ready to make the club work!!!

Competition Time

We are now into the final throws of our second competition for costume designs and I will be going live on Facebook tomorrow, Wednesday, at 6.30pm to announce the results of the club vote – it is close and every vote counts, but please only vote once!!

Prior to that we had the drawing competition where we asked our kids young and old to give us the best drawing they could of them swimming. What fantastic entries we had and it was to hard to decide so in the end we declared them all winners! Each entrant will get an Easter egg and something from our swimming goodie bag when we re open. Here is a reminder of the entries for you all:

And if you must here is my live feed to announce the results……

Castle Triathlon Virtual Duathlon

We also had a few members, officially and unofficially take part in the Castle Triathlon Easter weekend virtual duathlon. An event where you had to run on Friday, indoor cycle on Saturday and run on Sunday – distances were dependent on age or category.

Representing the club we had Anne Turner and family Cartwright – Marg Taylor also did the distances but did not enter. Well done to all and we are considering doing something similar for the club over May weekend – watch this space:

What Else have we learnt?

Firstly we have learnt that Marg has some hidden talents and is a rather good musician, we have been serenaded by a saxophone at the end of one of our sessions and she has also posted a fantastic video to cheer us all up – & it did:

We have also learnt that both Ed and Greg are slightly going mad in isolation with their inventions!!! But full respect to them for giving it a go. Greg decided to try and build his own rollers to ride is bike on, with some success and Ed has built his own dry-land swim machine in the back garden, does if he still get lane rage!!!

Jamie has been hitting the national press with a discovery in his back garden, although Lynds is convinced he brought it home from uni and planted it!!! Well only Jamie will know!!!


After that he made it rely big and got in the Sentinel!!!


The lifeguards were due to have taken and hopefully passed their qualification by now by unfortunately that has also had to be stopped. But that does not mean we are not still training, 5 of us undertook some online training last week and there is more to come. So we will be more than ready once the pool reopnes.

For now, stay safe, stay home, stay fit and remember to tune in on Facebook live tomorrow at 6.30pm, on our main page – http://www.facebook.com/parogonasc