Who are we?

When the Newcastle under Lyme School pool opened in 1938 an evening swimming club was formed and the Parogon Swimming Club was born. The unique name, and spelling, is a direct result of the original aims of the club to provide swimming for parents of pupils at the school.

PARents of the Orme Girls and Old Newcastillians – PAROGON

To this day the club continues, yes we have had to widen our intake from just parents of pupils, but the club is still strongly linked with the school with our constitutional aim being to help support its charitable status.

So when you were at school you will have heard about this mysterious club, so what was it and what is it today? Well over the years we have been a very successful water polo team, with county and international representation at both playing and coaching level. We have very successfully competed in the National League, at our prime being the 8th best team in the country – with a core of then pupils and ex pupils making up that team.

Back in the 1980’s and early 90’s we competed successfully in the local swimming galas under the stewardship of the 2 Daves’. One, some of you will remember as a caretaker at the school and an integral part of the CCF, Dave Sawyer.

This school club relationship goes back many years with Dennis Booth, swimming teacher, acting as the liaison between school and club in the 50’s and 60’s and being an ever-present on the poolside. His mantel was taken up by Jes Kirkham, who was actually the boiler man and in recent years Bill Bardsley, Mr Leach both ex teachers, would often be seen swimming in the pool. More recently Bes Griffiths had the unenviable task of putting the club lifeguards through their paces, and Phil Butler has been a strong supporter of the club during his tenure as the school swimming teacher.

At our peak in the 70s we had over 900 members, but as competition has increased from health clubs and other recreational activities our membership has dropped considerably from those heady days!

What we now offer is a unique, an affordable club that will allow you to:

  • Train to get fit, no pressure, no galas, just all ages swimming with a coach
  • Open water swim at various locations across the country
  • Play junior water polo
  • Swim at your own pace for as long as you like in one of our general open sessions
  • Have your child learn to swim in our beginners and improvers swimming lessons